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Denver Family Photographer

Specializing in photographing newborns, families, seniors, maternity, motherhood, babies, & kids.

Hello mama!

So glad you've made it here :)

As a new mama, I understand how lightning FAST time flies as you are raising your precious little ones. Amidst all of the hard work of motherhood, it's difficult to find a spare minute to capture those sweet moments you treasure so deeply!


Let's be honest, you probably have a million photos of your babies on your phone, but hardly any decent photos WITH them. And forget about a quality (properly clothed) image of the entire family that's appropriate to send to the grandparents :|

Even with the latest iPhone, trying to snap a one-handed photo while balancing a baby on your lap inevitably leaves your camera roll filled with blurry closeups (and YOU aren't in ANY of them!) If you're anything like me, you want to remember what it was like when your baby held your face with those tiny little hands and studied your features with wide-eyed wonder.

And that's where I come in!


I want you to have photographs that you're genuinely excited to print and hang on the walls of your home. When you and your kids flip through that photo album years from now, I want you to remember how truly UH-mazing you are, and I want your kids to see and know how loved and adored they were, too!

You want more than a stiff posed photo. You want someone to capture the love, connection, and genuine moments that you share together. And that's exactly what you can expect working with me as your photographer.

From documenting those first sacred days with your perfect newborn baby (yep, I just cried a little) to capturing those authentic moments of connection with your beloved ones, you can count on us to help you celebrate all the love and beauty in your life through

timeless, colorful, stunning photography!

Our mission is to make love visible through photography.

Your story is a big deal to us.

We understand that this is so much more than pictures; this is about your life, your love, and your legacy! 


If you're anything like us, you believe that everyone has a unique story that is worthy of being told. Whether it's those first precious moments of holding your newborn, or capturing how your toddler flashes that gleeful grin before another year goes by, we know that these are treasured memories you don't want to forget!

We are passionate about documenting each season of your family's life, 

and it is our greatest joy to serve you through photography.

Making love visible through captivating imagery in Ken Caryl, Littleton, Golden, Denver, Boulder, Broomfield and beyond.

Join the fam!

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Photographing your milestone moments in the greater Denver area and beyond, Emily Fletke Photography is a full service high end photography studio 

specializing in lifestyle newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography, baby photography, senior portrait photography,

engagement photography, elopement photography, wedding photography, and portrait photography. 

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