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a sunset silhouette of Emily Fletke standing

Hey there mama,

Life moves so quickly, and I'm here to make sure you capture those fleeting moments that matter so much to your mama heart!

Whether you're expecting a brand new baby, you're super busy wrangling little ones, or you're preparing for your baby to fly the nest, I'm excited to photograph each season for your family!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon,

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About Emily

Emily Fletke holding a camera and smiling

Recently relocated to the Littleton area fall of 2021, Emily spent the last decade living in New York City, and has been serving her photography clients since 2016.

She and her husband Gardner recently welcomed a baby boy, and Emily is very much enjoying this journey of motherhood! 

A little more about Emily

a sunset silhouette of Emily Fletke standing
Having recently become a mother, I know the value of documenting your family's story in a creative and authentic way. I understand how much it means to you, and I am committed to creating images you'll love and treasure for years to come!

Originally from Texas, I began my post-college career as a musical theatre performer, traveling the US with Broadway national touring companies and sailing the Caribbean as a Disney Princess. Performing helped me to develop many of the skills I would need as a photographer and business owner when I launched Emily Fletke Photography in 2016. 

If you're anything like me, you believe each of us was created for a purpose; I'm convinced photography is part of my unique calling to serve those around me. I give God all the glory for the journey of growth He has taken me on. I'm deeply grateful I'm able to pursue my creative passion, and I can't wait to capture your story through my lens!

We Believe in

Mother and father holding their newborn baby
Because real is so much better than perfect
We are dedicated to providing you with a highly personalized photography experience and ensuring that your photos reflect the purity and truth of the moment.
We believe that every moment is a unique gift - that’s why we commit ourselves to capturing you authentically! Our photos will become treasured memories you’ll be sharing with loved ones for years to come! 


newborn baby
Your story is a big deal
We want your photos to evoke the same sweet and genuine emotions you felt the day they were captured.
Your photographs will take you back to that special time - you'll relive all of the joy and wonder you felt as you held that precious newborn baby in your arms, knowing your life was forever changed. You'll remember the sweet expressions on their little faces as they looked up at you and giggled with glee.


man holding his newborn baby
You are more than just a client to us
We are your photographer and storyteller; it is our aim to connect with you and care for you as we capture what matters most to you!

Because we value connection, it's what we love to document!

We give every client the same care we would give to our very closest friend - you and your story are of the utmost value!


Now, on to a few of my favorite things!


European Adventures

I’ve had the privilege of traveling through a good part of Western Europe. From Place des Vosges in Paris to Barrio Gotic in Barcelona to Piazza Michelangelo in Firenze, I’m forever in love with this amazing part of the world. I’m most likely already planning my next trip :)
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