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Newborn Sessions

Amazing & beautiful mothers-to-be,


I will be the one entering your home just days after the birth, swaddling up your newborn and capturing all of the explosive love you have for that new baby.

This can be a vulnerable time, and it's so important you have a photographer who can not only capture beautiful photographs, but is also be able to enter that delicate space with gentleness and care.


I have photographed over 2,000 newborns to date (newborn photography is where my photography journey began), and I can genuinely say, I was created for photographing this type of session.

Part nurse, part nanny, part photographer, this takes a unique combination of skills handling newborns, as well as expertise and efficiency with a camera (you'd be amazed how quickly they can wriggle out of that swaddle blanket!) 

This is such a fleeting moment in time (your little one will change so much within those first couple of weeks). I'm here to make sure you can remember the way they looked up at you in wonder, just a few days after they made their way out of your womb and into the world. 

I consider it a joy and an honor to capture the first moments of your baby's life!

I love documenting the miracle of new life, and I love capturing the beautiful connection between you and this precious new bundle of wonder! 

In terms of style, I prefer a simple and photojournalistic approach; however, if you're interested in using a couple of props, I'm happy to accommodate.

I know exactly what it takes to capture those moments you want to be able to treasure forever. You are in good hands. Having started in newborn photography, I'm quite comfortable with the little ones.


You'll undoubtably pick up a few swaddle tips during our session time together!



 90 minute session | 45+ images | $300 session fee

The session fee includes our session time together (approximately 90 minutes) + all of your hand-edited images (45+) uploaded to a beautiful personalized online gallery approximately 2 weeks after the session. 

The session fee does not include any digital files or printed photographic materials. If you are interested in receiving digital files, printed photographic materials, or other a la carte print selections from our time together, those can be purchased through one of the collections. You'll be able to select the collection that works best for you once you have viewed your gallery.

The session fee does not include siblings or additional family members. If you'd like to include siblings, grandparents, or other family members, Emily offers this for an additional $50/person.

For an additional $100, Emily will deliver 2 top images from your session in web-resolution within 24 hours of the shoot for immediate sharing (so you can announce your little one to all of their adoring fans!).

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 4.29.47 PM.png

Session Fee: $300

Newborn Collections range from $750 - $1800

Emily is a baby whisperer with a beautiful, artistic eye! She had our newborn content and photogenic for the duration of the session—even though he’d been crying for us all morning before she arrived! Our session was so fun and the images we have of Gabe so tiny are perfect and invaluable to us.  Emily even managed to capture some handsome smiles from our newborn! Thank you FletkeFoto for recording those sweet memories! 



Newborn sessions are ideally captured within two weeks after your scheduled due date. 


Let's chat about your little one!

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