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Goin' to the chapel, and we're gonna get married... 

Weddings & Elopements

this is your wedding day (BEST. DAY. EVER.) and I want it to be everything you've dreamed of and more! 
I want you to have a photographer you are 100% excited about having with you to capture your wedding day in a way you love. 
This is an intimate day often filled with emotion, and it's important you feel like you've got an advocate and a friend in your photographer. (someone you feel safe having with you throughout the day, and someone who helps you kick back and enjoy the day). 
As your photographer, I'll be the one there with you from the moment you start getting ready to the first look with your love in that gorgeous tailored wedding dress you've waited so long to wear (he is going to love it!!) to the moment you enjoy your first dance together as husband and wife!
Beauty, we are here to serve you!
Having walked through the process of planning our own Manhattan wedding, my husband and I know what it takes to orchestrate all of the details. (I remember calling the photographer I wanted to book a year in advance to make sure we got her on our calendar!)
We know it can be stressful to choose just the right team to make your vision come to life for one of the most important days of your life!  Rest assured, we are all about making sure you have the most epic documentation of your day! 
You can trust us to never miss a moment!
If you're anything like us, you believe in the power of sacrificial, unconditional love.  
I get teary thinking about the brides I have had the privilege of walking with!
(Yes, I will undoubtedly cry at your wedding.)
I want to be more than just a vendor for you; I want document your day as if I were one of your dear friends (who happens to have pro photography skills). You can count on me to be engaged and ready to snap every treasured moment.
We value marriage, and your wedding day marks the beginning of that beautiful adventure. 
(and probably calls for a celebratory cocktail for finishing that pre-marriage counseling... amirite?)
We believe that covenant marriage is beautiful, blessed, and established by God for the flourishing of humanity. There is SO much power in choosing to love one person for a lifetime!
I know how much it matters to you that your day is expertly captured. 
You want to be savoring these memories for for years to come, and you want it captured in a beautiful way!
You want a skilled photographer who can capture the big moments and all the little details too!
And that's where I come in.
My clients have often praised me for my ability to anticipate the big moments, while also noticing the small, meaningful moments that might otherwise be missed throughout a wedding day. 
You want a wedding album that you'll be revisiting over an over again; to revel in all of the joy and celebration you felt on that day. (I will never forget the giddiness I felt ordering a coffee next to my husband in my designer wedding dress right after the ceremony at the High Line Hotel in Chelsea!) We had a big night of celebration ahead of us!
You want those photos to take you back to all the feels from your wedding day (duh!). We want you to remember how absolutely GORGEOUS you looked! We take absolute care to hand-edit each image individually. Wedding albums are seriously my favorite. There is nothing like capturing the expression on your man's face when he sees you for the first time in your wedding gown!
Of all the keepsakes we have from our own wedding day, our photo album is by far the most treasured of all. (we seriously love going through it, especially on our anniversary)
After the wedding day is over,
your wedding album is the way you'll be able to remember the day 
and trust me, you'll be glad you invested in your photographer when you do!
Every time I look back through our wedding photo album, I'm reminded of a detail or a moment from the day -- and I'm instantly taken back to waltzing down West 22nd street in Chelsea in my princess gown, twirling and feeling so beautiful I could cry for joy! 
I can't wait to give you the wedding album of your dreams, one that is exploding with life, color, and the joy of a NEW THING beginning as you two become one! 

Friend, we know how excited you are to have all of the people who love you both in one place on the same day! I'm here to capture it all, and support you every step of the way. I'm here to remind you to relax, keep breathing, and enjoy the ride.
Looking forward to connecting, beauty! 

Pricing + Details 


Emily loves photographing weddings.


From the first steps of planning, to the wedding day, to curating your fine art photo album, Emily is ready to document your day with artistry and skill!

Wedding Collections Begin at $3,450

Having a more intimate celebration? Emily loves these too! 

Elopements Begin at $1,800

I couldn't have dreamed up a better experience! Not only did Emily do an amazing job photographing our wedding - I mean, these photos are just STUNNING - but also she was a confident, joy-filled presence throughout the day. She met with me beforehand to go over details, looked at the way light came into the space, and gave great suggestions (like making a photo shoot on the rooftop happen!). Emily is creative, flexible, a great listener, an enthusiastic and peaceful presence, and will remind you to breathe and just enjoy the moment. They really made our day and now we have their SUPER photos to remember it forever!!


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